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J.J. Design and Construction is more than a family-owned business. We are a family of professional architects, engineers, and carpenters with a passion for design and construction. Our clients choose us because we care and provide quality work. 

Who We Are

Engineers and Businesspeople

Our Story

Growing up, James O. Jackson would help his father as he did carpenter work. He spent his days learning in his father's shadow how to be a hardworking, honest man. 


Serendipitously he was introduced to design during the summers when he worked as an architectural drafting instructor. From there, James began to dream and lay the groundwork for his own company that he designed to one day hire his children. 


That was 30 years ago. 


J.J. Design and Construction was founded with the determination and skill of generations of Jackson men and women. They have honed a reputation as a company delicately assembled with professionals gifted with the foundation of knowledge and the fundaments of expert building and planning. 


This company is steadfast because of its integrity, capability, and trust. 

Our Values

We pride ourselves in creating quality designs constructed with care and expertise. Our work reflects our love of family and the place where their memories are created and reside.

Our Mission

We aim to provide superior customer service, excellent craftsmanship as we provide a pathway for future minority architects and engineers.

Our Vision

We see our work as a standard of quality and leadership that sets J.J. Design and Construction 


The JJ Design Team

Meet the family within the team. We are second-generation engineers, general contractors, realtors, and more. Our expertise is all under one roof to make your design and construction experience with us seamless. 

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